About Us


About Us

Our Vision

College Bound 4 Kids provides quality and engaging programs that offer full tutorial support and assistance which permits student to achieve academic success at school. Participants are treated with respect and dignity, which enhances personal self-worth and encourages them to become responsible, organized, independent learners.



College Bound 4 Kids focuses on homework completion, accuracy, comprehension and teacher interaction. We prepare our students to succeed academically with the rigorous high school and college curriculum that schools offer today. Our kids are challenged to become independent learners that learn at a young age that academics come first! College Bound 4 Kids specializes in finding unique, educational and fun ways to provide students with enrichment and remediation in math, writing, reading comprehension, and test taking skills.


College Bound 4 Kids provides strong tutorial support and bridges a healthy collaboration between the school, parents and students.  Our tutors work with the same students each day (typically an 8/1 student/tutor ratio), which allows us to work consistently on organization, neatness, following directions, test prep (all subjects) and accurately completing homework and classroom assignments. The effectiveness of this philosophy is evidenced by improved student achievement, enthusiastic administrative and teacher support, and increased parental involvement.


College Bound 4 Kids is committed to continuously challenging students to become organized, innovative and independent learners by providing highly qualified and dedicated staff who are committed to the mission of College Bound 4 Kids.



College Bound 4 Kids staff collaborates with superintendents, principals, teachers and parents to create enrichment programs for elementary and middle schools. College Bound 4 Kids employs professional administrators, teachers, specialists and college students who are trained to provide effective tutorial assistance to students. College Bound 4 Kids tutors are highly qualified and provide specialized services that enhance (or remediate) specific skills and concepts for individual students.

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